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"One of the great values in the world of men's apparel. The finish of the hard to describe. My wife said it feels like suede. I don't know enough about finishing felt to tell you what Parker does, but the result is really very unique, unlike the felt on any factory hat, vintage or current."

“I have never experienced a hat of this caliber. I got it about 30 minutes ago and the feel, fit, and finish are absolutely perfect-- far beyond what I thought a hat could even be. Crown height, crease, brim width, brim finish, brim shape are extraordinary. The colors are amazing, too. Thank you for your time and attention to every detail!”

Jeff P.
Sioux Falls, SD

“Just received my new hat. WOW! I know that your new hat  is always your favorite hat, but this is truly the nicest hat I own. The craftsmanship is second to none. This will be my #1 hat in my collection, well until I get my next Falcon Park hat.”

Jimmy P.
Anderson, SC

“Thank you so much for my hat. I love it and in stopping by my local Starbucks I was told it was ‘the most beautiful hat I've seen in a long time’. I have always loved hats and your fedoras fit me beautifully and the style is the authentic classic look I've always wanted. You truly are an artist and do beautiful work, I am blessed to have some of your work.”

Pete T.
West Chicago, IL

“Parker, got my hat. Just wanted to let you know how much I really love it. I've already received compliments from total strangers. You my friend are an artist that does great work. I posted pics of it on the Fedora lounge and received compliments there also. I will be ordering another hat from you in the future.”

Chuck R.
Peninsula, OH

Wonderful, many thanks; I cannot take off my hat even at home :).

K. Baykoca

London, England


“The grey hat is magnificent and the bone hat is absolutely gorgeous!  The fit is great, the crease is great, I love them!  The felt on both hats is the softest I have ever seen. Thanks for all your work!"

Ryan B.
Page, AZ

“The hat is simply fantastic. The fit, finish and workmanship are exactly what I hoped for. My God you are a craftsman. Everyone here at work is impressed, and for good reason. This is high quality, and it shows.”

Bill G.
Charlotte, NC

“The hat just arrived! It exceeds my expectations, and they were high. I love this hat!”

Bryan M.
Prague, Czech Republic

“In choosing materials for my new hat and throughout the designing, fitting and finishing process, your attention to detail was meticulous. Your work exemplifies craftsmanship, and the hat is truly handsome!”

James H.
Glen Ellyn, IL

“I was so pleased with how the hat turned out... I just can't believe how soft, supple, and flexible the felt is now. As for the liner, sweatband, and ribbon-- all I can say is "WOW". The liner is wonderful, as is the ribbon; the ribbon is very authentic... YOU'VE NAILED THE LOOK RIGHT ON THE HEAD (no pun intended)!!!”

S. Rivinius
Gackel, ND


“I was hoping I might get a chance to tell you how much I enjoy the hat. Its elegant design has improved my social life. Seriously! Its been a joy to wear and I get many compliments.”


Robert P.

Charleston, IL


Received the silver belly this afternoon.  Wow!  I love it.  I would definitely recommend you.  I will likely contact you about another next spring.

Jim L.
Cary, NC

“The two hats arrived today, Beautiful Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am well pleased with both.”

John B.
Maryville, TN

“You do some astounding work! The hat is beautiful!!!”

Drew L.
Houston, TX

“Hats arrived Saturday, just tried them on, these are great Parker, a world away from the hats I sent in!”

Eric B.
Milford, IA

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